by Deborah Craydon, Credentialed Flower Essence Practitioner
and Warren Bellows, Licensed Acupuncturist

Aspen is a remedy for unknown fears. This can be caused by early childhood trauma seeded in your cells or by a short-term condition when your life takes an uncertain turn. Often, the Aspen state is precipitated in childhood by frightening espisodes that happened when you least expected them. Using Aspen releases this state of inner quaking, connecting and grounding your finer energies so that you experience trust and confidence in the future.

The Aspen is a small tree with silvery paper bark. It's rounded leaves grow vertically like little paddles on their branches, causing them to continually quiver at the slightest breeze. In the Fall, the leaves of the Aspen forests turn into a symphony of gold that impart a tremendous sense of light and courage.


More about Aspen

Aspen Acupuncture Points

Bladder 54 "Equilibrium Middle"**

The Bladder Meridian is ruled by the Element of Water that is associated with the emotion of fear. "Equilibrium Middle" is the Earth Point on the Bladder Meridian. At certain times, unable to see around a corner, fear and anxiety may take hold of you due to lack of faith in what's ahead. Using the Earth Point on the Bladder Meridian establishes "riverbanks" or a container for your Water Element. This containment gives you a secure sense of being held in the present moment, and helps to dissolve negative pictures you may have for the future.

Aspen Acu-point
and Meridian Line

Synthesis: Aspen and "Equilibrium Middle"

In the Aspen State, your body quivers. When you apply Aspen to "Equilibrium Middle", located behind the knees, your legs stop shaking, so to speak, and you can stand calmly upright with faith and security in the direction that your life is taking.

** Bl 54 (JR Worsley numerical notation) is the same acu-point as Bl 40 (TCM numerical notation)

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