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The following is a Course Description:

Our intention is to create a classroom of gifted healers who will produce a great flowering of the true spirit of Floral Acupuncture™.

Our goal is to train students about the in-depth aspects of the new healing modality of applying the 38 flower essences of Dr. Bach to their specific acupuncture points.

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We offer this course to all healers including: acupuncturists, flower essence practitioners, chiropractors, MDs, body workers, and energy medicine practitioners etc. who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Floral Acupuncture™ as well as dedicated to furthering the evolution and practice of this new modality. You will learn how Floral Acupuncture™ can be used as an adjunctive tool in your current healing practice.

Upon completion of this program, as a Certified Practitioner you will be able to:

  • Incorporate Floral Acupuncture™ treatments in your current practice
  • Treat and heal many common emotional, mental and spiritual-level issues that, if not addressed, can often cause recalcitrant symptoms in the physical body
  • Diagnose more intuitively, and treat more intentionally
  • Gain new comprehensive tools to heal yourself

Course Overview

This is a 13 month course. The structure of the course will be:

1. A once-a-month 1 ½ hour tele-conference meeting on every third Saturday of the month to be attended by all participants

2. Each month, you will self-apply 3 Floral Acupuncture™ treatments. You will maintain a journal recording these experiences. These learning experiences will be shared with the group via the "members only" online forum.

3. Each month you will apply what you have learned to one or more of your clients, recording results of your specific application and what you learned in the process of diagnoses and treatment.

4. Over the course of the 13 months you will also submit two in-depth case studies of the use of Floral Acupuncture™ treatments with one or more of your clients.

Upon successful completion of all the requirements of the course, you will receive a Floral Acupuncture™ Practitioner Certificate. Your name and contact information will be listed on our Floral Acupuncture™ website as a Certified Floral Acupuncture™ Practitioner.

Prerequisite: Students must have read the book Floral Acupuncture™ (To order see www.floralacupuncture.com)

Student Testimonials
From the 2009 Certification Course

"Having the opportunity to train with Warren and Deborah in Floral Acupuncture has been a transformative experience. I've been an energy healer and teacher for 30 years and expected the training would give me a new modality to integrate into the way I work with clients. It has and has awakened and renewed me in the process.

Much to my delight this experiential training raised my vibrational frequency and how I see, sense and respond to the many issues in my client's and my life. A direct knowing and appreciation for the multi-dimensional realities that lay under the surface has been deepened. My engagement with the flower essences and the acu-points, structured by the training and supported by the wisdom and experience of Warren and Deborah, has created this deepening in me.

The acu-treaments were simultaneously gentle and powerful. They moved me beyond my psychology and revealed new dimensions. They kept me out of resistance to the learning that was being offered and contributed to my feeling confident, competent and successful. Working with clients provided the context for confirming and validating how quickly and efficiently FA heals. I now use FA with all my clients."

-- Ellen Miller, Awareness teacher, artist and co-author of Silence and the Soul: Awakening Inner Wisdom.

"When a gift arrives, such as this course, my wish is for all to experience these wisdom teachings. From the combining of Warren Bellows acupuncture knowledge with Deborah Crayton's knowledge of the multitude of flower essences(even beyond Bach's original 38), this class was uplifting, transforming, exciting, and 100% enjoyable. Even with a hectic schedule, life changing events( death of a loved one during the 13 month class), and a life evolving drama (perfect resolution occuring).

My interest was so rivited that my desire to be present at every class was strong. Not wanting to miss any of the "fun" , the time was carved onto my life's choices. In experincing the energetic weave of the remedies in the acupuncture sequenced outlined, it seemed as though my (and my other class members lives) were orchestrated in perfection. More and more intuitive knowings took place as the Divine placed more and more other world knowledge to be woven into the class experiences, truly a dance.

Having the blessed opportunity to sample many healing arts and approaches, this experience is original, accesible, self directing, healthy with healing intentions at it's core. God's Light through Dr. Edward Bach, Warren Bellows, Deborah Craydon, this class to you. Consider this as an invitation from one very satisfied student/participant to you. Come and join in this delight. Enroll without delay(procrastination-Hornbeam) to feel alive , and delighted with life and it's events."

-- Teresa Quinlin, M.D.

"I went through a series of discoveries and transformations while doing the Floral Acupuncture Practitioner Certification, all of which I can apply to my clinical practice. The more I learned about my own experience, and that of the others in my group, the easier it is to find the perfect essence for someone else. If I didn't have first hand experience of each essence and point together, I would not have the necessary knowledge of applying it to others. If you intend on using this modality in your practice, the training is critical. The book alone is great, but the course is invaluable."

-- Kristen Swegles, Chinese Acupuncture Student, Reiki 2, Qigong Practitioner

In the Spirit of Floral Acupuncture,

Deborah Craydon- Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
Warren Bellows- Licensed Acupuncturist
Co-authors/ Floral Acupuncture- Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites

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