Consultations with Deborah Craydon

For a Floral Acupuncture™ or Flora Corona™ phone consultation, please email me at:

The cost for a session is $95 and includes the remedy bottle.

Floral Acupuncture Phone Consultations

The treatments in our book are designed with the intention of clearing your energy field for activation of your purpose in life. While our goal has been to create a system so that you can experience self-healing at home-a long distance client of mine expressed her experience using the treatments in our book:

"Deborah, I experience such a difference between working with you with the essences and working with them myself. When you ask a question-it goes right to the core of my soul. A kinesthetic shift happens in my body through a suggestion from you even before applying the essences. I hope you can convey to others the spiritual element that is present in working with a flower essence practitioner who has a direct elemental relationship with the flowers."

I am delighted to be able to offer the treatments from Floral Acupuncture and to work with you over the phone. I focus on helping you create for your body-what I call "the new immune system" - or cellular effervescence, sparking manifestation of your dreams through the use of intention. My interest is in your future and enabling you to simply begin to do the activities that create bliss through the activation of your passion in life.

The consultation includes the remedy bottle containing the treatment you need. I send the remedy Priority Mail the morning after our phone conversation so that you'll have it to start your treatment within 2-3 days.

Flora Corona Phone Consultations

After eleven years of private practice and phone consultations, I have developed a process of diagnosis that results in a high octave flower and gem elixir combination of the exact frequency your body needs. As a medical intuitive, I scan your body for the colors and meridians your system needs, matching gem and flower essences in these colors with essences/elixirs in these colors that also address the specific meridians you need to activate. I choose these elixirs from my Flora Corona products, as well as a larger spectrum of gem elixirs that I make and other worldwide flower essences that I work with.

Included with the bottle are directions on how to use the remedy internally, as well as where to apply the remedy to specific meridian source points located on the hands and feet. The external use of the combination is especially refreshing, and as the precise frequency you need, creates an ability for the full range of your physical and subtle bodies to experience your daily life at a higher octave.

The combination remedy is sent Priority Mail the morning after our phone appointment and usually arrives within 2-3 days.

To see Flora Corona Gem Elixirs & Hawaiian Flower Essences products online go to:, or for a Floral Acupuncture or Flora Corona phone consultation, please email me.

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