Consultation with Warren Bellows

For the last several years I have closed my acupuncture practice and have been conducting healing sessions over the telephone.

If interested, please email me at

My main intention in these sessions is to help you discover your own intuitive knowledge so as to, diagnose and energetically heal yourself. Just as you would give someone the owners manual who wants to know how to take care of his/her car; I give you your own "owner's manual" of how to energetically take care of your body/mind/spirited vehicle. I use floral acupuncture as one of the major modalities to remove energetic blocks as well as to set in motion transformative processes that further your evolution.

Sessions are 1 hour long and the fee is $100.00/hour.

Some of the core things I assist you with during our session(s) is to learn how to:

  • find and stay in an intuitive state of mind
  • bring yourself into present time
  • stay grounded
  • eliminate aberrant and other people's energy from your energy field
  • delete old patterns and beliefs and upgrade your various operating systems
  • employ Floral Acupuncture as an adjunctive aid in accomplishing all the above

My criterion for success with these sessions is that you experience confidence and mastery in your own ability to heal yourself.

"Warren encourages you to concentrate on the larger picture of what it is that you really want in order to manifest this in your future. From personal experience I can say that his skill of helping you focus on positive future outcomes takes root and blossoms- through his own cellular embodiment of the use of intention to create new possibilities."