Conceptual Overview of Floral Acupuncture™

Floral Acupuncture™ is a new healing modality in which flower essences instead of needles are used to move energy (Qi) through the Acupuncture Meridian system. The logic for this modality is presented below in a few basic concepts and theoretical frameworks.

The ability of water to record vibrational and energetic information.

Masaru Emoto of Japan has taken photographs demonstrating that when water is exposed to various music, different plants and even words it will record the information as specific and unique crystalline structures that become visible upon freezing the water.Water He further demonstrates the effects of intention on water through the transformation of polluted lake water (which carries fractured and non-delineated crystalline forms) into a crystalline structure after a twenty four hour prayer ceremony by Shinto priests.

Flower essences transmit their vibrational healing information by leaving their particular crystalline imprint in the water in which they were made.

Acupuncture points are described in the classics as holes. These holes into the body that link to the meridian system of acupuncture have been likened to wells connecting to underground waterways.

Recently, Dr. Shui Yin Lo, in his book The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health has shed light on the mystery of what lies at the bottom of these acu-point wells. He posits that the acupuncture point is comprised of water clusters and that when the acupuncture needle stimulates these clusters they align their dipolar charge (yin/yang or "+" and "-") to effect a current along the meridian system through the phenomenon of electrical oscillations. Lasers, light, sound and Moxa (a burning herb) also stimulate these water clusters into oscillation.

Flower essences, as vibrational imprints of information in water, placed on top of these wells enter the hole and meet the water cluster at the bottom. What the authors of Floral Acupuncture™ have discovered is that each flower essence has a particular "well" site or sites that "correctly" stimulate the acupuncture point and meridian. It is their hypothesis that what makes for a correct fit of flower essence to acupuncture point is a harmonic resonance between the vibrational structure of the essence and the vibrational structure of the water cluster in the acu-point. It is this harmonic resonance that stimulates the point into oscillation.

They further posit that using the pure imprint of the flower on it's corresponding body site using the five thousand year old Chinese acupuncture system creates an exponential effect. Outer Nature greets it's inner counterpart through the sacred acu-point wells of the physical body. In this way they hope these kinds of treatments will help heal the rift in the current relationship between humanity and the natural world.

The book uses the 38 flower essences of Dr. Bach, the father of flower essences in the West, and tells what each essence is about as well as the function of their corresponding acupuncture point. They include illustrations to show the reader exactly where and how to apply the flower essences.

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