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Certification Course 2011

Do you want to learn more about Five Element Acupuncture?

Warren offers a 12-hour (newly edited**) DVD Lecture Series.

The information in this series is useful for Acupuncturists, other healers and any individual interested in understanding the healthy functioning of him/herself (and clients) as energetically-informed beings.

In this 6 DVD set you will learn:

  • The meridians relating to, as well as the personalities and roles of, each of the 12 Officials (Zhang-Fu).
  • The name, functions and "Spirit of the Points" of significant acupuncture sites located on each of the meridians.
  • Insights about how we humans energetically express ourselves functionally (and dysfunctionally) to create either health or disease in our lives.

Price for 6 DVD series is $195.00 + shipping (includes handbook)

To order, please email Warren at or Click here for printable order form.

**This DVD set is a brilliantly edited version of an original 27 hour lecture series conducted by Warren to a group of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) trained Acupuncturists interested in learning how to incorporate Five Element Acupuncture Theory into their practice.

Deborah makes her own line of flower essences and gem elixirs, designed for topical as well as internal use. A simple system for self-diagnosis and healing at home-the color coded, transparent bottles make it easy to choose one through attraction to its color. Body-workers and health care professionals will find a new spectrum of topical treatments to use with their clients. To view her products online go to:

Flora Corona Flower Essence Product Line