Q and A About Floral Acupuncture™

Q. How is the topical use of the remedies different or better than their oral use? Any benefit to doing both?

A. Dr. Bach prescribed oral remedies and topical flower essence lotions to be used at the same time - often when the presenting emotional state also manifested itself as a symptom on the skin. The treatments in Floral Acupuncture are site and essence specific and therefore more potent than applying a flower essence lotion to the overall body. Taking a flower essence internally during the period of time you are also applying it to its corresponding acupuncture site can be beneficial. If you feel drawn to do both, this is most likely what is right for you to do.

Q. How do Floral Acupuncture treatments get along with essential oils? Can you use them together? I understand that essential oils and homeopathy don't go well together- does the same apply the flower essences?

A. Unlike homeopathics, flower essences are not affected by essential oils. Infusing essential oils into creams, lotions or oils and applying them after a Floral Acupuncture treatment may be a nourishing addition.

Q: I was wondering if, being an acupuncturist, and having a knowledge of what points are indicated for a patient, could you prescribe the essences from that perspective?

For example, if someone had rebellious Stomach qi or heart palpitations, which can both be treated with Pericardium 6, would you assume that agrimony on Pericardium 6 would be a good treatment using floral acupuncture on that patient?

It seems like this could possibly be an easy way to uncover the emotional/ psychological issues that need to be addressed since they tend to be more subtle sometimes that discerning physical signs and symptoms.

Also, I was wondering if you have experimented with actually needling points and using the essences in that framework?

A: Yes, I use the flower essences exactly this way. What I tend to do now is to put the essence on the point and then put a gold needle in just enough to make it stand up but not as deep as with the regular needling technique. The gold helps bring the acupuncture point up to the needle and connect the healing message of the flower essence with the function of the point.

I have had people put on Agrimony on P6 and Red Chestnut on CV 12 to help them with nausea from chemotherapy, Aspen on Bl 40 and Wild Oat on Du 4 to help with lower back pain. It is not always true that the emotional connection with the flower essence and the physical use of the point is perfectly right on, but in most cases it seems to be true. It is just another piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

Q. What about Rescue Remedy? Do you have a point recommendation?

A. Floral acupuncture creates a harmonic for the body when both the flower essence and acupuncture point share the same frequency or resonance. We haven't found as yet- any composite remedy such as Rescue Remedy with similar resonant component parts to apply to a single acu-point.

Q. Can I use several flower essences at the same time, applied to each of their specific acu-points?

A. Like the "Special Treatments" in the back of the book- we find this works well. For your own education however, applying one at a time helps you become familiar with how each one acts energetically. As you become familiar with the individual treatments and experience their effects on your body, experimenting with combinations is a natural progression.

WB: I wouldn't do more than 2 or 3 unless you are very clear what the intention is. Like acupuncture, the fewer the needles and the more pin-pointed the intention and the intervention, the more elegant and powerful the treatment.

Q. Have you done any work specifically on using the remedies to address physical conditions, like damp bi, or infertility?

A. (WB) For the most part, the acupuncture sites in our book are points that address the healing of emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions. In this way they are similar to the essences of Dr. Bach, which were initially developed for healing emotional conditions. If the physical condition is a result of a stagnation or obstruction on these other levels- the physical condition often clears as well. Releasing energetic stagnation or blockage due to accidental injuries to the physical body is an area of ongoing research and we welcome any clinical feedback in this area.

I have found that conditions of damp usually do not respond well to floral acu-treatments. Deborah reports the same- flower essences are likely to take longer to directly impact those who have a lot of phlegm in their system.

I have done no research on infertility, but if the infertility is a product of anxiety or fear, or other such states of mind, floral acupuncture could be tried as a possible solution. A place to start might be Governing Vessel 4 and 5 with Rock Rose and Rock Water -a treatment that addresses the second chakra as well as the whole reproductive system.

Q. How long is the bowl of water in which you put Flower Essence effective? Is there anything you can do with it after you are done with the treatment?

A. When you add flower essences to a bowl of water and use this water to apply to an acu-site- the water should be discarded afterwards. The only other thing it might possibly be used for is to add the full bowl to a hot bath if you are taking one after the treatment.

If you have specific questions about Floral Acupuncture, please email us at questions@floralacupuncture.com

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