The Tao of Aucpuncture


by Deborah Craydon, Credentialed Flower Essence Practitioner
and Warren Bellows, Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture utilizes a stainless steel needle or the burning of Moxa (dried Mugwort) to stimulate the acupuncture points on the specific site. In this book we are showing you how to apply outer floral nature in the form of flower essences to the energy portals of the acu-points that access your inner nature.

Each flower essence is an energetic key that unlocks a specific acu-point to communicate between the worlds. This communication creates the possibility of knitting together again the fabric between man and nature that has been rent apart in modern times. Through these kinds of treatments, we envision the possibility of a new marriage between man, cosmos, and the natural world.

The Five Element theory of acupuncture is also called the "Five Phase theory" as it identifies five phases of evolution in the material world that are circular from beginning to end.

Moxa - Mugwort
Moxa - Mugwort

The Five Element theory helps you to identify what phase of your journey you are currently in, and helps you to move appropriately from this phase to the next, by stimulating a specific acupuncture point. When you are healthy, you move through each of these five phases in a graceful, timely manner and your body, as a result, receives the gift of long life."

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