Anecdotal Stories: Aspen

My friend is suffering through a relationship breakup and having nightmares about people torturing her. She was frantic and in tears when she told me about her dreams. She has been with this unhealthy person for about a year and it has never been good. She moved in with him and things escalated. He wants her to move out now, and they fight all the time. She can’t leave even though it’s so unsatisfying and unhappy.

I gave her Aspen and Cherry Plum Floral Acu-treatments for her unknown fears and fear of loosing her mind because that is how she described her fears. I let her rest there for 20 minutes, then she turned over and I applied Rock Rose to it’s direct acu-point as she is planning on moving out and feels panic, and Gorse for her sense of hopelessness.

She reported relief from her fears and a greater ability to function and feel calm. I noticed her become more present and in her body, and ready to face the day. -- KS

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