Anecdotal Stories: Centaury

A client who is an accomplished healer wrote after applying Centaury to its acu-point:

"I have noticed that in the past few days, I am trusting what I know to be my stream and am more willing to be that in the world--not as willing to be taken under by the subtle or not so subtle forces of my conditioning. I had an image in meditation of mighty angels using swords to slash cords and break through veils of illusion-- I like this method of using the flowers-feels very nourishing, deep and effective to me."

Yesterday I had a chat with one of my clients who is using Centaury. This lady suffers from a chronic back problem (and is registered disabled). Using the essences topically improved her pain levels hugely yet recently she lapsed back into pain and stiffness. She knows that one of her triggers is doing too much/pushing herself past her limits.

Last time I saw her, she could hardly sit and paced around the room talking about all the things she needed to do and how she wished it would all go away so she could focus on her. She took away Centaury.

Yesterday she told me using this essence brings her immense calmness, great sleep and that she has discovered that she can say NO!" I didn't know that I could say No" she told me yesterday.

By realizing this, she has been able to create space for a tooth extraction (that she first came to me with last year trying to make the decision) and feels a large sense of relief. - S

My client was again out to visit her daughter, two grandchildren and son-in-law. There is denial in that family about reality. "A" goes there and is always upset by all that is going on. She did not want to go this time and talked to me about her reluctance.

Once she made the decision to go, I advised her to take the Centaury with her to keep her boundaries secure so that she would not be drawn into the drama.

She called me from her trip and told me she was coming home early. She realized, thanks to using the Centaury Floral Acu-treatment, that there was nothing she could do there, that she needed to protect herself, and that she will work on helping her grandchildren from a different standpoint. She credited using the Centaury treatment with giving her the space and boundaries to be able to make this decision so clearly.
- DH

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