Anecdotal Stories: Cerato

A fifteen-year-old girl was sent to me because of some issues in her life. During our conversation she told me how much she loved Yoga and how she wanted to meditate but had a " monkey mind."

I offered to teach her and she agreed. I first applied Cerato to the wrists. Then I led her in a short practice of settling into the body. She went into a deep meditative state and later reported that upon the application she felt a deep quiet followed shortly by warmth through the center of her chest. We did three short rounds of meditation and she was informed by "guidance" during each round.

I have been using Cerato with most of my clients during meditation and having them use it at home. All report good results. - EM

My client was having symptoms of feeling herself disconnected from herself. She wasn't sure who she was. I suggested using cerato (she has the essences and book herself) and here is her response:

"The cerato treatment has been very calming. I have felt peaceful using it and rubbing it on my heart. Deep in my heart was my Mom. There were lots of messages that needed and need to be changed. At times, there was energy coming out of my heart, and root and crown chakras."

The peacefulness she received from cerato and the clearing in her heart was a huge healing for her. She feels much stronger now and able to continue on in a new way." - DH

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