Anecdotal Stories: Cherry Plum

TMy client A called me the other day in a tizzy over more family upsets. She was angry and felt disempowered. She talked about wanting to use Cherry Plum and we talked about it until she felt calm enough to leave the phone and try it. She applied it as directed to Great Hammer and called back about an hour later saying she felt so safe again as if she had come back into her body, which is when she feels empowered to handle the family upsets. -- DHCherry Plum

A friend was visiting me for a few days and told me that she was very angry and unclear about some things happening in her life.

I applied Cherry Plum, full strength to Governing Meridian 14 and she lay down for 45 minutes. She reported that she felt boiling bubbles in her upper chest and the back of her skull and face for a few hours. Then she felt her anger was controllable and she was clearer about her decision. She felt she could make her decision from a thoughtful process instead of from reaction.

The next day we applied it again. She reported warm bubbly feelings like the fizz from a carbonated drink. She moved into present moment anger no longer a deep suppressed anger. She sensed that the clarity she felt was firm, steady and true and that the essence really assisted her self-awareness. - EM

A client came in very angry and upset. She had just learned that her employers were cutting her paychecks by 50% for the next 3 pay periods and then 20% after that for two months. She said, "I can't even think about the overall effect of this right now. It is too much to wrap my mind around. At first thought I do not see how I can even begin to manage this. What they're doing is unconscionable." She alternated between tears and rage.

I let her rage and put Cherry Plum on GV14. She got red in the face and explosive with her anger for about 10 minutes. She wanted to get back at them, etc. Then she began to quiet and settle down. We talk some and I sent her home with Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem.

The next day she wrote:

So much better today. I feel the shift in my body, energy and also my speech. There is a softening in me. I know what they did was just not right, but now I do not feel like I need to go kick them. And I have many other things to do. My story about what is happening to me appeared in my dream last night.

-- EM

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