Anecdotal Stories: Chestnut Bud

At right is my artistic rendition of the combination of Chestnut Bud flower essence and the acupuncture point First GateChestnut Bud "Conception Vessel 20".
- Warren Bellows
Artist and Co-author, Floral Acupuncture.

Chestnut Bud is one of the Bach Flower Remedies. It is indicated when you are wishing to break a repeating dysfunctional pattern in your life. This particular Flower Essence has the ability to go underneath the dysfunctional pattern (for example the pattern of always attracting unhealthy relationships), contact your true core essence (such as finding your true value, lovability and self-worth) and then vibrate that core essence into a blossoming and fullness into the world.

The acupuncture point used to apply this flower essence is located on "Conception Vessel 20" (a little above the location of the heart) and is called "Flower Covering." The conception Vessel acupuncture meridian can be visualized as the journey of a lotus plant growing out of the mud, up through water, and becoming a bud in the sunlight. This particular point would then be considered the place where the lotus blossom opens.

More information about Warren's artistic process with this painting.

- Warren Bellows 2008

Chestnut Bud and Hyperventilation

This story was just sent to me (Warren) from a person in the UK who uses Floral Acupuncture in her massage practice. Here is the story in her own words:

"The patient had a tendency to be unbalanced on chestnut for quite some time, so I used the chestnut bud essence for him on the conception vessel 20, flower covering.

The patient had been suffering from hyperventilation and has been treated with Bach essences for that condition which improved a lot.

He had also broken his ankle months ago.

The patient reported that the acupuncture with Chestnut Bud removed the last remaining hyperventilation and he also feels better on his broken ankle.

Since the years of that treatment, the hyperventilation has not showed again ever, and has definitively disappeared." - B

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