Anecdotal Stories: Crab Apple

My husband chose Crab Apple to work with recently, and although he hasn’t noticed a physical change, he says his creative juices are really flowing and he has indeed had great ideas regarding a couple of challenges in our lives. He just keeps having idea after idea, all of them workable and quite ingenious. - DH.

A client was suffering from symptoms of someone choking him. He couldn't sleep and could barely eat due to this choking sensation. Daily anxiety attacks.

Symptoms began after his partner's mother died (to whom he was close) as well as, a few months prior to this event, putting down his two dogs of 14 years. I knew that he was dealing with excessive grief, which he perceived to be a toxic emotion for him, and didn't know how to cope with it.

I decided to place Crab Apple on acupoint Large Intestine 18 (Support and Rush Out).

On his drive home, all symptoms disappeared, he slept for first time in months, could eat without choking and his anxiety attacks stopped. He subsequently started processing his grief.

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