Anecdotal Stories: Honeysuckle

Earlier this month I got an emergency call from my son, in Austin, asking me to come immediately. His wife was very sick having trouble breathing. They needed me to take care of my grandchild.

The doctors thought she had pneumonia or allergies or asthma. The docs were having trouble deciding. Meanwhile she had been to the emergency hospital twice in the middle of the night because she felt she was unable to breathe.

I flew out the next day and while I was grocery shopping with my granddaughter I got a call from my son that they were back in the emergency room and my daughter-in-law was being admitted to the hospital over night. The doctors now thought she had Pertussis (Whooping Cough.)

She was relieved to be in the hospital where the breathing incidents could be handled. The third day in the hospital - it was going to be more time then we had expected- she asked me to use some Flower Essences on her.

I picked the lung remedies - Honeysuckle, Pine and Water Violet plus Mimulus for the fear. I applied the remedies and then we meditated for about an hour. She was peaceful for the first time in days and I left so she could continue to rest. The next day we repeated the treatment and she fell into a deep rest. The following day she was released still no diagnosis.

The first day home she rested and slept and that night had the following dream:

She was preparing to leave a house when she opened the door, the doorway filled with light and a man appeared in the light. He was someone she had always known and loved very deeply. He was a healer and came to teach her about healing. All night he showed her symbols and written materials. All night they worked together.

She woke still tired and recovering but knowing she was healed from whatever. She has been well since. It appears that she is highly allergic to Oak pollen and this year the Oak pollen in Austin is very bad. - EM

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