Anecdotal Stories: Hornbeam

I was feeling stressed due to medical tests I was undergoing. My fears were unfounded as the tests showed that I have a veryHornbeam healthy heart, but due to my job working with little children as a kindergarten teacher, I felt exhausted getting up in the morning due to all the worry. I decided to use a wonderful book that I have called Floral Acupuncture-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites, and give myself one of the treatments in the book for exhaustion. I put Hornbeam flower essence on its specific acupuncture points as the book shows; as soon as I applied Hornbeam to these points, I went into a deep rest, and when I got up forty-five minutes later- felt entirely refreshed. - NR, Sebastopol, CA

A teacher was having conflict with a co-teacher. She was utterly exhausted on waking up in the morning, and the idea of going to work was difficult. Her visage was pale and although she loved her work with the children, the unusually strong vital force her body and personally normally exuded was entirely lacking.

I applied Hornbeam to "Eyes Bright" Bladder 1 and Extremity of Yin Bladder 67 - the first and last points on the Bladder Meridian. After lying down for 45 minutes, there was a dramatic change in her physical appearance. When she stood up, her skin was pink and her bright personality shining again. She stated that her whole body felt revived and recharged.

Typical of the hard, strong Hornbeam tree, her body also now stood upright; the muscles that had appeared lax before the treatment gave the impression of renewed vigor and strength. This single treatment remained stable and catalyzed a change in her outlook.

Not only did she not revert to the Hornbeam state again but within a month she made a long range plan to start her own home company, and did so within a year. - W

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