Anecdotal Stories: Mimulus

Three Testimonial Stories about Mimulus:

1) Client who chronically suffered headaches that lasted for 2 weeks. She reported that she used to be able to control them with her mind and intuition - but ever since 10 years ago (divorce from hMimulususband) she has lost her ability to dream and be intuitive etc). The first treatment's intention was to bring her back to herself (retrieve her soul) with Mimulus and help her calm her anxiety that came with the headaches. There were good results.

After coming back to herself, Beech was prescribed. Her need to create boundaries through judgment and sarcasm was overstimulating her Gall Bladder meridian and thus causing her headaches. She had one day of an intense headache as a healing crisis and then found her headaches didn't return and that she easily could create boundaries without having to revert to sarcasm and acerbic judgments.

2) Mimulus applied to the acupoint 24 and 25 of Kidney meridian has opened up my lungs and chest to fully take in the experience of living life without fear, giving me courage to take on my choices and go straight forward to being me. It has helped me connect to my essences of living in a more mature way, helping me enjoy and experience living in more harmony, developing into a beautiful and fulfilled women.

3) When I applied Mimilus to the Kidney Meridian I felt as if dark entangled web like substances started to dissolve and a pure light pushed through my chest opening me up to experience life with a more fresher view with out suppressed and oppressed feelings in the chest area, helping me feel more joy and vitality through a more courage's approach to things. - JE Santiago, Chile

My neighbor's cat got attacked by a bobcat and then she got a bladder infection. The cat won't go outside anymore.

I made a tincture with Aspen, Mimulus, Clematis, and Star of Bethlehem. I told my neighbor to put a few drops in her water and that she take it as well.

Within a week and a half, the cat will go out in the yard and the bladder infection went away. Success! - KS

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