Anecdotal Stories: Oak

When asked what his most pressing issue was, my husband replied he felt so responsible for so many people and so many issues.

I started using Oak on his "Bubbling Spring" acupoint on the bottoms of his feet and he would then lie down for a while. What is great is that when we met with one of our children the other day, and that child began to tell us of his financial situation, my husband did not rush in to save him, or give him a solution. He merely listened with compassion and our 34 year old son never did ask us for an opinion, a solution, or anything. He merely vented.

It was so great to see my husband be able to allow our son to have his own learning challenge and his own feelings, and to detach from any feelings of having to save him. We support him of course but until asked, we can allow ourselves to let him figure out his own path.

It is so liberating for my dear husband who is so compassionate and helpful and wants to save everyone. He is able now to see his boundaries and wait to be asked for help. - DH

1. A long distance client who applied Oak to its acupuncture point on the soles of the feet said:

"I feel that Oak showed up as the therapist I can't afford right now. I am in a huge life transition that seems to be demanding wisdom and choices-namely self-care and surrender. Applying Oak to my feet has been the vibration that was called for. I feel able - finally - to let go. Oak is giving me permission to have limits, self-acceptance and the capacity to surrender."

2. Another long distance client also applied Oak to the soles of her feet:

"I applied Oak directly from the bottle to the sites on the feet. I felt an invigorating, warming, and activating quality that seemed to strengthen the movement of the cranio-sacral fluid in a vertical direction. It immediately allowed me to breath more fully and feel myself present from head to foot."

3. Client had a persistent and chronic symptom of feeling like her left leg had no energy in it. She related that she had to fight for her identity with her father when she was growing up. "He always slapped me off center."

I did Oak on left side with one gold needle and all her energy instantly came back in her leg. She had internal images of sending her Dad out of her space and reclaiming ownership of her energy.

She excitedly reported that she felt deeply internally transformed by the treatment (I believe that she had already done lots of psychological work on this issue so this treatment was just the "tipping point" she needed to reclaim ownership of her energy in her leg.)

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