Anecdotal Stories: Pine

A client, who suffers from guilt about being a bad parent when her child was growing up, said that what she most wanted was to get over her guilt about her 35 year old daughter. The daughter has problems with relationship, work and health. The mother felt that this was her fault for not having been a more mature and conscious parent when her child was growing up.

I gave her Pine and Red Chestnut Floral Acu-treatments and asked her to apply them everyday. We spoke on the phone a week later and she said that she had been having remarkable dreams about the past and a lot of memories of the past were coming up. She said some of it was painful but she knew it was important.

When I saw her two weeks later she was feeling really good and said it had been a remarkable two weeks. She felt a lot had cleared. I asked how things were with her daughter and she replied that her daughter was 35 and old enough to handle her own life. She said this casually, as if guilt and concern had not been with her all the time, and then continued to tell me about her dreams, insights and healing. - EM

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