Anecdotal Stories: Red Chestnut

A licensed acupuncturist used Red Chestnut and said: "I have had both the personal and professional experience of using the flower essence Red Chestnut on the acupuncture point Ren 12.

This application had a profound effect of assisting me with a healthy energetic separation from my mother who passed away sixteen years ago. I have felt a strong and healthy sense of self especially in the 3rd chakra subsequent to the Red Chestnut application. I look forward to using more of the essences both personally and in my clinical practice."

One of my clients is in the midst of an unpleasant divorce. She has a six-year-old daughter and the father does not always come to get the child when scheduled. The child is equally close to both parents and is troubled by not seeing her father. The child is having difficulty getting to sleep at night, I suggest applying Red Chestnut, Honeysuckle and Holly.

She started sleeping well immediately and asks her mother at night for the remedies if she forgets. - EM

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