Anecdotal Stories: Rock Rose

At right is my artistic rendition of the combination of Rock Rose flower essence and the acupuncture point First Gate "Conception Vessel (REN) 4".
- Warren Bellows
Artist and Co-author, Floral Acupuncture.

Rock Rose is the flower essence used for overcoming terror and fear, a fear that has kept your energy locked in. The Rock Rose is meant to open up that doorway to the old fear and give you the courage enter into a whole new level of experience and energy. It is a flower essence that opens up the acupuncture point Ren 4 (First Gate) (see page 92 of Floralacupuncture.)

The Chinese characters are artistically rendered and suggested. "This point actually has 24 names. One is 'First Gate' or also 'Mingmen' (Gate of Life) and the other is 'DanTian' (which means the 'Field of Cinnabar') i.e. where the alchemical transformation of Yin and Yang takes place. Cinnabar was a substance to produce the alchemical Mercury and is also the code name for the essence of woman and related to the Green Dragon, Water, the Ova and Yin."* I rendered these two names in Chinese characters on the left side of the painting and are meant to be only a suggestion of the characters.

The acu-points that lie on the body above where one applies the Rock Rose flower essence are simply suggested artistically as "maybe Chinese characters?", "maybe animals or plants?", "maybe a river leading to the sea?" and I was more interested in their movement upwards which is the direction that the energy follows when one energetically opens up this gate. I also played with the name (Sea of Chi) which is near the top and leads ultimately to Ren 8 (Spirit Deficiency). I wanted this image to be of a free and released spirit.

- Warren Bellows 2006

* "Energetic Physiology in the Acupuncture Point Names", Dennis Willmont, 2001

The day after I completed my Rock Rose week of treatments, I had the following experience in meditation: I became aware of a deep fear that I might hurt myself again before my teeth implants were completed at the end of the month. I felt cautiousness in my body. As I became aware of these feeling they lifted and I felt spiraling energy moving out from me.

In March I tripped and fractured my jaw and knocked out a tooth. In May, 10 days before I was scheduled to have implants I fainted and fell on my face, fracturing my jaw and knocking another tooth out.

I've worked with this on many levels and taken the rest and time off my system needed. It's been a rich and deep year and I thought I'd worked through all of the fear. - EM

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