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The Rebirthing Treatment

Posted 1-4-10 by Warren Bellows

The following is a report from one of my clients. We decided to have her try out what I call "the re-birthing treatment". She is highly sensitive, but also very good at processing energetic information quickly. She applied 3 different essences sequentially each week.

She was amazed by her experience and also reported that she was astounded by how deeply these treatments went and how quickly she deleted the old beliefs, downloaded the new ones and processed all the new information. Because of her ability to process quickly we completed this whole sequence in one month.

I am not sure I would advise this kind of speed with other people as I think one needs to be sensitive to how fast someone can process this kind of energetic information, but I do suggest you try this treatment out with people who are really ready to bring their Spirit and Soul completely into their body.

This is her unedited report:

Treatment One
~ Bring in the Tao



Rolling sensation from back of belly flowing down to sacrum and up the front of my body and back to belly

A (pinkish-white) ray of light enters - slightly from the right and floods in

A small ray (soft yellow) enters

A small reptile(little scary dragon with horny spikes on his back and long claws) emerges - jumped up to my face and begins eating my face - my face turned into a bloody mess. I had a choice - be scared or wait to see. I watched.

The reptile fell backwards and exits my aura as though it were being sucked out and vanished.


Next Day:

Right side - back of my lung had pain all day


Sensation of 2nd chakra grounding

Fell into a deep sleep - water loss

12.4.09 - Realization

I am split with validation for planning weddings and moving forward as a healer and setting myself into motion.

I ask myself - what do I want - forget the money - in this time of financial change the clients are squirrelly about making decisions in regards to commitments. That is a challenge - faith and trust for the outcome being right - accepting what is right.

"Right flow" for me is the challenge.

There are times when I don't feel honest with myself because it is needing money to live and about how much I need. If it were not - I could relax and let myself flow easily into healing trust and faith - courage to change - fear of change - its all in front of me.

Time to begin the next flower essence treatment.

Treatment Two
~ Active water and Fire
~ Yin and Yang

A wide band of streaming of Light emerges from my back - flows through my back to my chest to greet light flowing light streaming in from above my chest.

Between the light from my back and the light above my chest a long band of white light stretches the length of my body - all light meets. A pulsing vibration begins. As the shining lights meet my heart opens up and I look out through the opening to see Spirits outside my body on each side looking into my vast opened chest to my "heart eyes". Spirits and I connect through my heart. They say "come" and some of the spirits take off to the sky. Far far above into the expansiveness blue angels are passing by and sounds I hear is, (ahhhhhhhhhh) I am greeted with an invitation in.

I ask God to show me the way - I suddenly remember I had asked before and the answer comes: "Lead your own Path to follow".

I began to go deeper into the quiet.

A deep dark quiet energy flows from front to back - I drift deeper into the darkness. I went "out" or into a very quiet place for about 20 minutes and awakened suddenly. My back has a pressure sensation between #10 and V.

After a few days of flower essence use, I realize the need to release all the energy of past work with my (wedding) clients this year. The awareness came through from my body. I practiced neutral separations with all past clients. I feel so much release of body tension and mind tension.

Treatment Three
~ Unite Fire and Water

Truly what I feel is pressure in my heart and back.

By the evening I left like the unsettled pain of my marriage was going to explode in my chest. I wanted to rip open my chest and scream. Then the only outlet was to email my husband my true feelings in complete without him walking away and ignoring me. I gave him back the pain I endure of loneliness and lack of love by telling him I had enough of loneliness and that I need to make a change. Then I went to the show and laughed my head off ALONE. That was fun!

2nd day: Now I feel pressure at the neck vertebrae. Sadness at my chest, a lump in my throat, stagnant at my stomach.

Its all building up so say, I want to RUN.

I'm unsettled in my marriage.

I feel a burden over my head and need and want to release it.

I ask myself, where is my disappointment inside of me?

I am looking out why I do not go to the gym and it is deep seeded. I feel too fat (I know this is absolutely wrong) but I'm embarrassed to put gym clothing on - to show how out of shape I am.

Realization: I do not give myself the love I want. I can be a magnet of love - but do not.

I feel certain (without a doubt) and calm that I need a break from my marriage- this feeling is deep seeded. My reactions are calm - but changed.

Days have passed - my thoughts are centered on how I need more than ever to be true to myself at any cost. I feel independent - Strong.

Something's different - I am different - I am Calm. I no longer feel I must have my needs met by anyone but myself.

Treatment Four
~ Bring in the Soul


An image of my spirit walking into this lifetime has come into my vision. I see my father - my mother - my husband. I do not understand the meaning that my husband is with my parents.

The relationship with Dave (my husband) is changing. He is looking at me differently - I can feel he is looking all the time. I am still and calm. My change has changed his reactions to me - so subtle - but happening. I am beginning to look at him differently too. We are listening to each other.

Another change: I like my body to be cool in temp - to feel fresh air - to walk in the cold. I feel a great need to be outside - to feel the coolness on my face. I feel like a mountain girl. I like my cowboy boots and my hat.

Another image presents itself: My third eye is opened - I see an opening above me with many souls - all faces that I recognize looking in to me. The circle develops a pattern - like dots all inside of the circle (experiences of my life) and then the eagle centers himself right above the circle waffering in balance. An understanding comes over me.

The words: All these faces are in my playground of my life - we are all together. Suddenly as they begin to download into the top of my head, I chose only those who walk in the light and love of God to be with me NOW. I can make that choice.

"My life is my playground" "I lead my own path to follow"

Overcoming Writer's Block
(How to unleash your creative forces)

This is a great treatment to unblock the writer/artist/dancer etc. within. Before any creative work, sit down and do this treatment. It will help you access your authentic voice, trust your intuitive hits, quiet the inner critic and give you courage to simply say or create what you want.

First apply Wild Rose to the back of the heart chakra (see location in book, pg 113), then put some drops of Cerato on its site (pg 51) as well as some drops in the palm of your hand and rub the essence all in the middle of the chest (front of the heart.) Finish with Larch on its acupuncture site on the shoulders (see book, pg 79).

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to just be with the treatment and then start your creative work. You will love how easily this treatment opens up your creative juices! Order Book Here.

- Warren Bellows, co-author of Floralacupuncture.

To view some of my artistic results of this treatment visit

Destiny Treatment


Wild Oat

I'd been taking flower essences internally to activate will power to achieve my goals with only minimal change. When I applied Wild Oat and Holly to the "Gate of Destiny" site, it initiated my thoughts into action. As soon as I did the treatment, I felt my whole body come alive at what I can only describe as "the center of my cells". This wasn't just my consciousness coming into my body-my body all over reached this state. This treatment continues to have an effect months later, as I am now physically doing the steps needed to realize my goals.

Flower Coronation Treatment


Wild Rose

Star of Bethlehem

I began applying the Flower Coronation Treatment to their direct acu-points about two months ago. I was very exhausted due to two non-stop years of environmental activism.

Over this time, I find I have been able to actively change situations in my life that were causing me to take on too much. My energy began to lift, and I was able to plan and execute my own large wedding.

I took the last drop that was in the bottle internally right before I put on a crown of roses to walk down the aisle to be married. I experienced a non-judgmental deep clarity of the environment and people present at my wedding that I have never experienced before in my life.

I credit this new way of using essences on the body for helping me to receive this gift.

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