Anecdotal Stories: Star of Bethlehem

My good friend is suffering heartbreak and in shock because it was so unexpected. I gave her the Floral Acu-treatments of Star of Bethlehem to nourish the heart and Mimulus to release fears of being alone. She felt calmer and relaxed, and like she wanted to fall asleep. She said it helped her feel more balanced, clear and less frustrated.

The next day, I gave her Honeysuckle, Gorse, Vervain, and Cherry Plum treatments. This is for her longing for things to be how they were in the past, depression and hopelessness, releasing lofty ideals, rage and fear of loosing her mind.

This one made her feel “floaty”, calm and relaxed. - KS

I have a client with a very painful history. Her mother was mentally ill. When my client was 5 years old she and her sibling were removed from the mother when she was hospitalized after she fell while they were walking on the city streets. The siblings were placed in a public institution and separated from each other for the first time ever in their lives. That was over 50 years ago. My client has been unable to connect with the depth of the pain she has felt for so long. She has held back the tears she has felt and has an energetic lump in her throat. My guidance was to go very slow and deep with her. I gave her Star of Bethlehem and asked her to apply it daily to CV14 and 15.

The first week of application she reported feeling physical movement and discomforts in her body and a memory of a sore on her mother’s leg that wouldn’t heal. She felt sensations in her leg after some applications. Each time she applied Star of Bethlehem she cried. After five days she reached a place where she could remember the incident and feel peace.

She wrote to me: “The flower essences moved me in a strong direction which I can say has led me to trusting myself and being less critical with myself and I must say - enjoying myself for who I am, really!” - EM

A friend called to tell me that her sister-in-law, had been picked up, a week before, in the middle of the night by immigration services and deported to Mexico. The sister-in-law is married to an American citizen and has two daughters with him aged 5 and 7.It will be 18 month before she will be able to return to California.

The children were being shuffled between relatives and not talking about their mother or understanding what had happened. One had commented a few days after that she couldn’t remember what her mother looked like.

I suggested applying Star of Bethlehem, Honeysuckle and Holly.

The girls loved the essences and asked if they could apply them morning and evening.

On the third day they started talking about their mother, remembering what she looked like and what they had done together. They began to draw pictures to send her and released some balloons in the air and sent them to her in Mexico. Their mother has become part of their conversation again. - EM

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