Anecdotal Stories: Sweet Chestnut

1. "I experienced a dull pain in my tailbone ever since a dental injection five years earlier and continued trouble with my teeth after this. When I applied a treatment of Sweet Chestnut to its acu-point on the tailbone, the dull pain completely went away, replaced by a wonderful sensation in my spine. I have never experienced this pain since and my teeth are also now fine."

2. "I started using the Sweet Chestnut around January 12th. After my sister's Reiki treatment, the pain was completely gone. I got so excited that I began working out and doing extensive Yoga. All was well. Then I decided to paint my place and the pain and restriction returned, and I could hardly walk. Perhaps all the twisting-pushing.

After the first application of Sweet chestnut, I noticed a slight reduction in pain, but the restriction was still there. Sometimes I would apply it 2 to 3 times a day, and the pain continued to reduce. I reduced my yoga and increased my hiking, and continued to experience reduced pain.

Around January 22nd I felt really good so I decided to increase my workouts again. Sit-ups always cause severe pain and restriction, and so I applied the Sweet Chestnut after my workouts. It really helped. My pain is minimal and restriction is limited to the base of the spine. Overall it is greatly reduced. Last night after an extensive yoga and gym workout I experienced increased pain, but the Sweet Chestnut relieved it. The only time I have any pain now is during twisting and impact excercise, but overall I am have very little pain or restriction."

I'm working with a client who suffers from anxiety for a large part of her life. After talking with her and letting her view the pictures of the flower essences I decided to give her Sweet Chestnut.

After 3 days she called and asked if she could use it 2x daily, she was loving the essence. In the beginning when she applied it she smelled cedar and still does on occasion.

Her anxiety is now in the moment instead of feeling like it was her whole life and her mind doesn't travel back and bring up old issues.

She has been on the remedy for 10 days and I will see her again in another 2 weeks. - WB

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