Anecdotal Stories: Vervain

Boundaries and Staying Present

One of my clients is a woman of 64 who has had unbelievable trauma throughout her life. She is consciously working towards her healing using many modalities and loves this floral acupuncture approach.

Two weeks ago she was flying out to visit her daughter, her daughter's husband and two grandchildren. Each one is in a crisis of their own and then the whole family as well. My client was very leery about going, and was having trouble staying in her body.

I suggested she take Vervain to stay in her body. Her way of being is to exit and she has a terrible time staying grounded which in turn takes away her power to deal with situations as they arise.

I also suggested she make a lotion with Centaury and White Chestnut. Centaury was for helping her feel nourished enough that she could create her own boundaries and not allow people to use her. White Chestnut was for bringing her back from the chatter of her mind into her own self so she could concentrate on her soul and not the demands from others.

She reports that the visit was unique, and that she now feels as if she can go there, hold her boundaries, not let others take advantage of her, and not get lost in the endless mind chatter. She was able to stay present and in her body, a first for her. These essences are making her feel so empowered and safe. - D My Leo husband likes to rule with his Attitudes! What softening the Vervain treatment remedy has given to our interactions. Less dogmatic and opinionated statements rule his speech. Forever grateful am I.

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