Anecdotal Stories: White Chestnut

I applied White Chestnut for a week everyday to Ren 1. It stung at first, I could feel some energy moving in that area (CV 1) and up. In time, my thoughts that were previously spinning dissipated. I felt calm. After a few days, the effects were less noticeable, I think I needed a stronger dose.

I also put the remedy on my dog, her face looked concerned, and her eyebrows were furrowed. I dipped a q-tip and applied it to Ren 1. Immediately her face relaxed, and she was calmer than usual for the rest of the day. - K

I started using White Chestnut on its acu-point to help with my thoughts going round and round. I found that I immediately became grounded in my body and was able to observe my thoughts rather than being consumed by them.

Through this observational process the cycle quickly ceased because I was no longer feeding it with my attention. I used it for two weeks fairly regularly and now only occasionally when I find myself on the merry-go-round of mind chatter. I feel this treatment helped me to accept and observe my minds chatter and then be grounded enough to let it go, and to focus my energies elsewhere.

Since this time I have noticed the re-patterning that took place with White Chestnut seems to be more and more accesible without even having to take the essence every time. My cells have developed a "memory" of her vibrational messeges and act accordingly. - NN, Oakland, California

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