Anecdotal Stories: Wild Oat

Wild OatAn emotional family issue came up this week with two of my nieces. It is a family pattern and I know when things come up, they have appeared in order to be worked on and hopefully healed.

Instead of avoiding the issue, I spoke up and of course became the lightening rod for everyone’s emotions. It is all playing out well now and my nieces now realize that their anger at me was misplaced and that the issue needs to be resolved between them and their Dad. I am sure this is a result of using the flower essences.

I noticed that in Deborah and Warren’s book the spot for Wild Oat is where “hereditary Water forces of the kidneys unite with the spirit Fire seeded in your heart”. Seems to me that when fire and water unite you have steam so it’s no wonder this issue came up during the week of using Wild Oat! - DH

A client who is energetically sensitive applied Wild Oat to "Gate of Destiny" - this story is interesting as those using the treatments often mention that they feel their effects even before applying them:

"Feel a rush of excitement as I go in the afternoon to buy Wild Oat flower essence. I feel younger, taller, and I very energetic. That evening as I lay down to sleep, I applied the Wild Oat to its site-immediately I heard and felt a crack, crack, crack as my lower back relaxed. I could feel the fascia around my heart muscles as well as my jaw muscles also relax. In the night I had vivid dreams and woke early in the morning, fully awake and refreshed."

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