Anecdotal Stories: Wild Rose

A client complained during treatment that she had chronic pain behind her heart and nothing ever seemed to touch it. I simply placed Wild Rose on the points on her back and she instantly burst into tears. "Thank you, thank you" she repeated through her tears. This is what she wrote about the experience:

"It feels like a miracle - to feel my spirit, life, breath pour through my body. I am breathing deeply, fully for the first time in a long time.

Before, the way was obstructed - now it is a free, full flow, pouring like Light and breeze into all my cells. Relief, joy gratitude. Wild rose lifting the burden I've been carrying off my back. Tears of recognition as my spirit moves inward, ever-flowing, finally unblocked."

I have been seeing a woman in my acupuncture practice for about 6 weeks. She is in her early 80's and came to me originally for numbness and stiffness in her right arm.

However, as we worked together over time, it became clear that she was burdened by the loss of her brother, who had died in the Korean War. The thought of him brought her instantly to tears. She felt she had never been able to move past his loss, and her sensitivity to his loss was mirrored in her sensitivity to her environment. She has been highly reactive to environmental toxins, and can become ill for months if exposed to cleaning solvents, gasoline, etc.

Her third appointment coincided with the anniversary of the death of her brother. She had not been aware of the coincidence until I inquired about her worsened mood and we discovered together that it was the anniversary.

I started Wild Rose treatments that day with her, and I also tried something fairly unconventional that I had learned from studying with Jeffrey Yuen, a Taoist priest. I treated the spirit of her brother, using the Wild rose and a technique I have learned from Jeffrey.

After that appointment, my client's mood and her overall feeling of sensitivity lightened appreciably. Since then, I have used Wild Rose every week, and she continues to improve. She is much more willing to go out and be social; she has stopped going to the many funerals of friends she had been diligently attending previously, and she seems to be enjoying her life in a new way. - M

A client came in today looking for primarily structural work as part of 6-month healing plan. Our conversation during work indicated that the mechanical aspects are much better and she was willing to look at emotional things contributing to it.

When she revealed that she's learned to make choices for good self-care while retaining the guilt for doing so, Wild Rose came to mind as a way to open her heart and heart energies for her own access.

She agreed to explore this pathway and the initial experience was amazing! We chose front her heart, the specific Wild Rose points and center of her palms. Her hands immediately accepted and reflected Wild Rose by creating the perfume and sending it out into the room. This was still happening over 40 minutes later when she left! What a great window into resonance. - HR

Just as I began to do my own treatments with Elm, my 24 year old son went through several changes. In sidereal astrology, which I study, I am a Capricorn and he is a Cancer, which are opposite signs. It began just before the eclipse full moon, which was Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer (sidereal ephemeris).

His girlfriend of 3 years separated from him and this caused a domino effect. He had begun some of his own changes a few months ago, but this was unexpected. We had spoken of doing treatments for him before, but had not yet done any.

Over the course of the next week, I applied Wild Rose along with Cerato in one application, and Holly and Wild Oat at another application. I also gave him internal use drops of various essences - 5 flower, Holly, White Chestnut, Rock Rose, Clematis - at different times.

Over that week, he decided that he needed to move out from the cottage on our land (he had not yet lived anywhere else since graduating high school) and go visit/work with a friend in Hawaii for a couple of months to separate himself and clear himself from this change with his girlfriend.

We had wanted to do another treatment, but we were so busy with packing up his place that we were unable to do any more in the days before he was to leave. Then yesterday, just two weeks after it all began, I gave him drops of Elm and Rock Rose as I said goodbye to him at the airport on his way to Hawaii! - A

A long-term client is trying each essence in step with us, a few weeks behind. She has been a major choice point in her life and has been for awhile; clarity, choice, self-awareness in this arena is challenging for her so the series is very supportive of her needs. This reports her experience with Wild Rose.

She took one treatment in the office and experienced much relaxation during the 45 minutes spent with the application. She also felt a lot of warmth moving through various areas of her body at different times.

This person frequently has very cold feet, and one of her favorite things was how the warmth moved to include and raise the temperature of her feet and toes. She also noticed much warmth moving around her heart (sensations described indicated possible change in the energy of the pericardium). She also felt the front and back of the heart chakra melting into one thing.

She continued using the essence on her own at home and reported the following after a week that included 3 more applications with a break and then a 4th two days later. The primary thing she noticed was increased sensitivity to sarcastic communication between herself and some friends. Conversation about this pattern indicated that this is a long-term way for these women to relate and my client noticed she didn't like it or feel it as normal or okay and began looking for other ways to interact with this group of well-known individuals.

She also reported feeling much more vulnerable and being uncertain at this time on how to be with her increased sense of her relationship to self and others. - H

This week I have recommended that a client use Wild Rose. She is a talented and qualified healer who is unable to find the courage and energy to move out of a much loved comfort zone. Hence she feels stagnant, low in energy, alone and depressed.

During our discussion she used the words "bogged down", "weighed down" often and began to recall memories from a previous life where she had taken her life in water by weighing herself down with stones. The spirit of Wild Rose had previously visited her a couple of months back when she had suddenly experienced pains between her shoulder blades.

She used Wild Rose at this point for a few days and the pain lessened. Her emotional state, her love of using words with "down" in the phrase and the wisdom of GV points 10 and 11 relating to her seeing the master template of her life and knowing how to operate within this.

I feel more extended use of Wild Rose together with an understanding of why Wild Rose has called to her will enable her to move forward with energy and purpose. - S

Wild rose was applied to my dog Chipper, and my 2 kittens, Fluffy and Matie, and Patches, the cat. Wow! The application was between the shoulder blades, as close to GV 10 and GV 11 as one can do on moving targets!

The shy Fluffy is now an outgoing very playful kitten. Matie who is so sweet is very interactive with Fluffy. Patches is even more intuitive (ie. comes quicker when I ask her with my thoughts) and Chipper is less anxious. Thanks Wild Rose!

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