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Warren's co-authored book on Floral Acupuncture as well as his artistic endeavors reflect the many rich journeys he has traveled over the years and have recently converged onto this present renaissance-like path of author, artist, teacher and healer.

He was born in San Francisco 1947, grew up in the Bay Area and enrolled in UC Berkeley.

Shortly after graduating, he sailed the Pacific for a year and then moved to Boulder, Co. where he became the first VP of Marketing for Celestial Seasonings. Bellows was instrumental in setting the national and international marketing strategy for the new company as well as participating in the creation of Celestial's advertising/PR campaign and the packaging of products.

In 1976, Bellows left the tea company and became a member of the Findhorn community in Scotland, where he was the resident gardener and compost-maker. Both his book Floral Acupuncture™ and his paintings of the Northern California landscapes hearken back to those Findhorn days where he experienced an energetic and psychic opening to reveal, among many other things, his deep spiritual rapport with the natural world.

In 1982 Bellows enrolled in The Traditional Acupuncture Institute, a Taoist Five Element-oriented school taught in England and America. He practiced acupuncture first in Boston and subsequently in Boulder and Denver for many years. It was in Denver that Bellows attended the Art Student's League where he studied painting with noted Southwestern artist Quang Ho.

In the early 80's Bellows, in conjunction with the staff of a non-profit school (Merriam Hill Center), translated the Five Element Acupuncture model into group and organizational language. This new model, called "Organizational Energetics", described groups and organizations as living energetic beings and operated as an Organizational Development tool that facilitated diagnosis and clarified optimal intervention strategies.

Bellows returned to his roots in Northern California in 1997. He completed 2 years of training at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, CA, receiving a Master of Intuition Medicine™ degree. His current healing practice uniquely combines his knowledge of acupuncture-related energetics with the various other energy anatomies and systems related to Intuition Medicine™ as well as the healing powers inherent within the application of Floral Acupuncture™. With this combined knowledge he teaches individuals how to diagnose, efficiently run and maximize the health and functioning of their own energy system. He works on the phone with clients and students from around the country.

In combining his knowledge of Taoist acupuncture and energetics with his intuitive studies, Bellows also creates art that highlights the energy of the natural world. His landscapes recall classic 19th century California artists, yet with vibrancy that suggests nature as a living energetic force. Some of his landscapes are intentionally painted to visually vibrate at a frequency that opens the viewer's energy field to the healing power of Nature.

Bellows' interest in merging classical art, modern scientific thought with cutting edge technology has resulted in his "Quantum World" series. These large creations on canvas are primal and often disorienting portraits of nature's quantum energy packets dancing in perpetual and colorful motion.

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