The Ability Of Water To Record Substance
Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites


by Deborah Craydon, Credentialed Flower Essence Practitioner
and Warren Bellows, Licensed Acupuncturist

"In every age there have been healers whose faith transcends the physical substance they offer to those who are ill. Like the wine and wafer at a Christian communion to those who believe, the healer's remedy makes them well. Or was it the kindly eye and gentle touch?

As flower essences have grown in reputation among healers, many have begun to incorporate them into topical applications such as in creams, spray bottles, and massage oils, What can be said of the repeated use of flower essence dreams for a patient who has fibromyalgia who within a year is free of pain and well? Or a person who compresses his or her back when it is out of alignment with specific flower essences and hears it click back into place after twenty minutes? Or a painful tooth a dentist is unable to fix yet a flower essence compress heals without reoccurrence of symptoms? One has to wonder how this is occurring and why the organ of the skin may be so successful a way to apply flower essences.

In order to grow faith to fit into the shoes of master healer's like Dr. Bach or Paracelsus, properly make flower essences, emanating the pure vibrations of flowers, act as perfect training wheels, Holding a vibrational octave (meaning that the remedy holds the vibrational imprint of the flower rather than actual physical substance), the essences enable healers, including self-healers, to experience minor "miracles". The problem with a miracle is that it is not clear in the mind of the healer by what process this has occurred.

The Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto has recently shown light on this problem with the publication of his two books: Messages From Water, Volumes 1 & 2. Emoto has microscopically photographed (at 200X) the water crystal that forms on the top of frozen water samples while it is in the process of melting or phase change.

Water samples from polluted sources form either incomplete water crystals or broken, pocked marked ice fields while waters from pristine sources produce hexagonal or occasionally heptagonal water crystals of breathtaking beauty. By exposing water samples to different kinds of music, photographs, and even words taped to the water bottle and photographing the resulting water crystals, Emoto has shown that water imprints messages of immaculate beauty when the vibrational source is clean and pure or distorted and fractured when the messenger medium is also impure. Water samples exposed to the essential oils of chamomile & fennel show exquisite water crystals.

While to the best of our knowledge, water crystals of flower essences have not yet been produced, these essential oil water crystals give an indication of what flower essences might look like if photographed from frozen water samples. They also may explain the "miracles" that flower essences produce by changing the imprint of incorrect thoughts and feelings into pure emanations through the influence of the floral imprints in the essence waters.

NEW! Water Research on the Energetic Patterns of Flower Essences

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