Water Research on the Energetic Patterns
of Flower Essences

"Flower essences are a form of liquid light. If you could see energetically, you would witness star-circle patterns radiating scintillating color and light around each flower in nature. Human thoughts and feelings also shine out super-sensibly from your body in these star-circles of brightness that look much like flowers-the more beautiful your thoughts and feelings, the more symmetric and harmonic the pattern they make. The flower remedies capture and imprint these energetic symmetries of color and light around the flowers through the Element of Water in which they are made.

This is one of the secrets as to how a particular flower essence is able to right an inharmonic feeling or thought-by matching its perfect symmetrical light imprint to your thought 'pattern' and righting its geometry at an energetic level."

-- Book Excerpt from Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites.

New Water Research

The picture below is the first image that we know of, showing what flower essences look like as energetic imprints in water. This new water research was conducted by Glyn Craydon.

The first photo shows Chicory flowers in water being made as a flower essence.

After removing the Chicory flowers from the water after the essence making process was completed, the second photo shows one drop of this same flower essence water hitting a liquid solution in a petri dish. You can see how the drop-water picture of Chicory flower essence reveals a similar pattern to the Chicory flower itself.

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